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House Construction Contractors in Bangalore

House Construction Contractors in Bangalore
House construction Engineers in bangalore

We are one of the leading organizations in South India having 13 Years of experience, which got established as a Proprietary Organization in 2006 as SP Electricals at the time of inception. In 2019 subsequently incorporated as "KUBHERA INFRATECH".

Kubhera Infratech will provide a complete range of Construction & Electrical works through highly experienced engineers & Execution team complying to time, cost and quality requirements of the projects.

building construction contractors in Bangalore


Are you looking to hire the best House construction contractors in Bangalore for your home or residential project? This is the time to get in touch with the name that has been affiliated with innumerable big projects. Industrial projects of TATA and ONGC are in their credibility list, corporate housing estates and residential are also in their list and apart from all, they are the only Affordable construction contractors in Bangalore who are available for versatile functions, starting from low voltage solution to road constructions. Kubhera Infratech is the name and we are here for your residential projects too.


There are so many House construction engineers in Bangalore, but your question now is why to choose us among all of them? This is the most justified question and we are bound to give you the clarification here. Here are some of the details that you would like to know about us –

  • First of all, we are the Contractors in Bangalore who worked with innumerable big names and still we are working. The important fact here is that we constantly work for them, which essentially implies that we are deeply focused on the quality of output, we generate. If that would not have been the case we would never be contracted repeatedly by the big names.
  • The second thing is our service exposure and versatility. We are the only Affordable construction engineers in Bangalore who would give you all the essential services related to your project. It can be the connecting roadways, which will meet your factory, main residential area, and others; it can be the electrical work, which includes the High tension works too; and even it can be related to networking. Hence, when you reach us, you can get a complete package like service every time.
  • The final thing is the affordable rate that we provide to all our clients. You might feel that since we are affiliated with the big names, our rates are also different from all others, but that is not at all the case. We will be providing you the best works for your civil and electrical need which is far better than the other Construction engineers in Bangalore, but the pricing we will allocate for you is the same with all the other contractors.


Ouse construction is a bit different than all the other projects, including the corporate housing, industrial housing, and even the residential apartments. Here care has to be taken more intensely and things are plenty to be adjudged.

We consider each of the housing projects as an individual and discreet project. Right from the planning till the key handover, including foundation, electrical works, and even the interior decoration, everything we treat in a different way, where the taste and preference of yours are always given the priority by our engineers.

Kubhera Infratech is having the experience and also have the sensation that we availed from our past experience and from that experience, we learned that it is your preference that gives you the required satisfaction from your home. Hence, we focus on that part the most.

We understand that your ideas are in the raw format and that might not be exactly reflected into real construction logistics. Still, we remain happy to consider those as the major principles of the construction project of yours and hence putting the base on those, we will be suggesting the plans and procedures and even the layouts that match your concept. In fact, we will be working on your plans only and deriving the real constructional affairs from those.

Finally comes the finishing. Kubhera Infratech is always a brand of excellence. Whatever the field is, whether that is related to industrial work, or residential, we always maintain the quality at the optimal level and that is the best part of our service. So, when you avail the service from the most Affordable construction engineers in Bangalore, there is simply nothing that you will have to check out related to completion and finishing of the project.

    Especially when, we are attached to you in all possible ways, namely –
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Roadways
  • Low Voltage work and other electrical work, and
  • Networking support
  • There is nothing for which you will need to get and contract with any other House construction contractors in Bangalore.


  • We are stationed in Bangalore and hence the local contractor for you
  • We are the company who has the best possible perception since worked with so many companies and real estate giants
  • We are having 13 years of experience in the construction line, including housing projects and industrials
  • Our affiliation is with small names as well as big names like TATA and ONGC
  • We are the most affordable contractors in your city
  • Our service category is not confined to only civil works; rather our service expands to the different horizon of electrical works and even in networking.


Above mentioned is the full bulletin of Kubhera Infratech in the construction world. As you passed through it, you are assured that there is no scope for you to get something missing, while the best House construction engineers in Bangalore is with you. Hence, do not make a delay and ask for a quote now only. Our engineers will be visiting your location and will have a word with you and then we will be providing you the quote. You can remain assured that our quote is always compatible with all the service providers in the city, working on the same niche. Rather, our rates are always the compact one, when you avail the complete service from us, as we will never hire any other contractors. We deal without our own contractors only. Finally, there can be no doubt on the performance, timing, efficiency, and perfection that Kubhera Infratech provides.

So, why to make a delay? Reach us today itself and avail the right support in the right way. There is nothing which we cannot provide; the only gap that remains is you’re seeking. You will seek it and we will provide that.

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